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98 Pounds of Steel

Player Bio

Athletic Background

Motocross, Half-pipe/ Boadercross pro-am, Track/Cross Country runner, Softball

Roller Derby Background

Started in early 2011 and have worn Black and Blue since.

Derby Awards/Accolades

MVP Jammer

What drew you to roller derby?

I got bored of drinking in the garage and needed to get back into sports. Derby sounded fun.

Describe the smell of your gear bag:

My gear bag smells like the tears of my enemies.

What is your favorite position?



I hate mushrooms, wearing skirts, the sound of people whining, and I hate sitting still.


Mountain biking, park and bowl skating, and gardening/cooking up a storm are my current jam outside of practice.

Random Facts

1 – I’m a great public speaker (I have no shame).
2 – If you bring me a gin and tonic I will drink it.
3 – I own more athletic wear than you.

What would you like to share with someone who has never experienced roller derby or who is new to the sport?

If you’re considering it the answer is YES; YOU SHOULD PLAY ROLLER DERBY. It will give you a new sense of self and improve your health, wellness, self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence, and you’ll make a million new friends.