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Player Bio

Athletic Background

I only run when I’m chased

Roller Derby Background

Started with FoCo in 2007, skated for home teams and Bruisers, took time off twice to have babies and kept coming back for more!

Derby Awards/Accolades

Most improved (rookie) jammer
Best after-partier
Most likely to end up in a fountain
Most giggly on the track

What drew you to roller derby

My coworker, Sally Terry Confinement, and I started together on a lark after watching a bout. I saw Urrk’n Jerk’n and was blown away and just had to try it.

Roller derby Role Model

There are so many! Mostly they are my team mates for their support, devotion, and attitudes!

Describe the smell of your gear bag

ummmmmmm…. better then most?

What is your favorite position?


What is your favorite microbrew?

Odell Easy Street Wheat


Hanging with friends and family; getting outside in nature; good food, coffee, and wine


Negative attitudes, not getting enough sleep, being unproductive

What music gets you pumped for a game?

Anything that makes me wiggle


Fly fishing, gardening

Random Facts

I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood!)

What would you like to share with someone who has never experienced roller derby or who is new to the sport?

Find a mentor and don’t give up!